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Training The Human Spirit

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

Character is an area we haven't learned how to measure. In sports, you can measure speed. You can measure size. And you can look at stats. But that heart, what's inside, that's a toughie.

The world's most valuable, sophisticated sports leagues still haven't figured out how to identify and measure the human spirit.

The data is pretty clear that talent identification is far from an exact science. That's because the best athletes don't always make the best players. To reach the summit of sport, athletes need an extraordinary mix of the physical, mental, and spirit.

Any prediction of talent is never one thing or the other. It's a combination of things. And sometimes, the player moves forward or backward as they move through the performance pathway.

If you're a coach or parent, guiding your player on the performance pathway requires patience and perseverance. There are many ways to help, but here are two ways to consider. First, identify what works and encourage your player to stick with those things. And help them cope with failure by embracing it as part of the competition that builds resilience.

Focusing on what works for you is better than thinking of all the what-ifs. Thinking about the what-ifs only leads to anxiety. Sticking with those things that work keeps you from going down the rabbit hole of scenarios and possibilities. For the human spirit, what works is a window to purpose.

Coping with failure, embracing competitiveness, and being resilient prepare you for the demands of the sport. Such as learning how to prepare. You are dealing with the sacrifices you must make and being ready when you get your chance. For the human spirit, failure is a window into pride.

The history of performance coaching shows that the most significant performance breakthrough comes from the quality of forward-thinking coaching. However, while there have been breakthroughs in training the body and the mind, training the human spirit is still an area lagging.

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