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The Road To Success

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

Are you a player who is looking for success? The stress you feel in your quest for success is part of the process. But there is a step that you must take before you can achieve success. It is finding stability. Once you have achieved peace, you have established a foundation for finding success.

When you find yourself on your journey from stress to success, the challenge is understanding what is required to move from one stage to the next. I’ve coached for a long time and observed that you could not bypass any steps.

When helping players find success, they begin to realize that they want something more. This realization has led them to not stop with success. Instead, they have discovered that they want to find significance.

Over the years of playing and coaching, I have discovered the key to moving from stress to stability is forming habits, success is changing mindset, and significance is heart transformation. To recap, these keys are:

  • Forming Habits

  • Mindset Changes

  • Heart Transformation

Forming habits look different for each player. The process involves forming the proper habits or breaking the bad habits and replacing them with good practices.

To move from stability to success, you must change your mindset.

The transformation of the heart is about how your desires change.

At Next Level Soccer Academy, I help you on your journey to take your game to the next level. I have developed training sessions on habits, mindsets, and the transformation necessary to find optimal performance.

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