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Take The First Step: Faith to achieve your goals

If you define yourself by your flaws, weaknesses, or limitations, you will live a small life without significantly changing the world around you.

But when you focus on your strengths, you can achieve great things even with a few small steps of faith. Knowing your strengths means being aware of your flaws, fears, inadequacies, and abilities but still being able to move forward confidently.

If you ever doubt or question yourself, don't keep it to yourself or suppress it. Instead, talk it out until you are deeply convinced of your abilities. That's why my training system works; we help you identify your strengths as a player and build your confidence to move forward.

To move forward, you must also identify the extra weight holding you back, whether it's your need for security in something else, your abilities, success, or comfort. Don't see it as a sign of failure; it's just dead weight you must let go of.

Everyone wants to feel safe and secure, and according to Maslow's hierarchy of needs, it's one of the strongest human emotions and needs. But you need to understand that the people who have made it to the next level were also afraid, but they didn't let fear stop them. They took charge, were bold, and didn't care what anyone thought of them.

You don't need all the confidence, boldness, and ability before taking action. You'll never be fully ready for any eventuality but must have enough faith to act despite your fears. Don't wait for the absence of fear or total confidence that everything will go your way. Just take that first step.

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