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Finding Your Perfect Fit

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

Every player needs a pair of soccer shoes that fit.

Finding the perfect club for your player is just as important as finding the ideal fit for their pair of soccer shoes. Tryout season is when you, as a parent or player, have the opportunity to evaluate your fit. But it's hard to do this when you're feeling stressed. Stress comes in various forms. Some pressure is good. Like acute stress, you have before a game. However, it's usually short-term and goes away quickly once the game starts.

What you don't want is chronic stress. The type of stress that lasts for an extended period of time. Tryout can be a mix of both. You need a process to help you find the right fit, just like an excellent soccer store to help you pick the perfect fit for a new cleat. Unfortunately, Amazon has changed the way you shop. Now it's through trial and error that you find the right fit. But you don't want to use trial and error as your strategy for finding the perfect fit in a soccer club for your player.

So, I'm going to give you my 3 Column Method to protect your potential.

Column 1: List the teams available to play for in your age group in your area.

Column 2: List the coaches that are coaching those teams.

Column 3: List travel time to each practice location/club location.

Please do not go through each list and rank them in order of quality, experience, and distance. Now it's decision-making time. Prioritize and type in order the options you have.

I believe every player has a right to reach their potential. You take a positive step toward reaching your potential when you take control of the tryout process to find your perfect

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