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Find Your Flow

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

If you're a player, you have experienced that intense focus when you're "in the zone." Some players call this flow the experience of focusing on something to the point that you are unaware of anything else outside your experience.

Every player looks to find optimal performance when focused on soccer actions during a practice session or game.

Players are always looking for ways to be less easily distracted so they can focus, for example, on soccer. The journey to optimal performance starts with your spirit. Consider where you are on your performance path. Are you on the upward trend, and there is no gap between where you want to be and where you are? Or are you in a performance gap?

If you find yourself in a performance gap, then this is very normal. It is a myth that all performance paths go in a steadily upward direction toward your desired destination. The reality is that most performance paths take a more indirect route. Not always going steady up but sometimes even backward.

What is required to achieve optimal performance is faith. Doubt is what distracts you when you find yourself in a performance gap. Faith is what get's you back on track.

Your faith is grown through the results of your actions taken. Training becomes meaningful when you see changes taking place and how you transform during your training sessions, and you gain true joy from your work.

At Next Level Soccer Academy, we help you find your optimal performance. First, discover the flow you're looking for in your training sessions and games. Then, join today and join other players like yourself on the journey to the next level.

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