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A Team Requires Trust

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

Trust is hard to define. You know it when you have it. And you know what it feels like when it's broken. So you understand that for a team to have optimal performance, teammates and coaches must trust each other.

Trust is having confidence in someone else. Trust is having faith in someone's integrity. Trust is respecting their character.

When someone has broken your trust, your first instinct is to become angry. Or even say hurtful things to the other person or about that person. Unfortunately, when this becomes how you respond to broken trust, it causes more emotional pain to your teammates and yourself than the situation that caused the problem in the first place.

Taking matters into your own hands to fix the problem starts with your forgiving. So, the first step starts with you and your heart.

First, you must forgive; the next step is giving them another opportunity to regain your trust. Why should you give them another chance? Because to achieve optimal performance, you must have faith, so it's a risk you must take. But if they don't respond, you move on and put distance between yourself and them to give them time to deal with the situation.

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