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7 Next Level Mindsets

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

Soccer is competitive at the next level. To achieve success means constant struggle. Every day a player or coach struggles with themselves, in training, damaging relationships, and most of all, opponents. However, winners can maintain total control, discipline, and mindsets to achieve the ultimate goal.

Also, in a team sport like soccer, personal success without leadership on your team only brings limited effectiveness. You can't be part of a team and only think of your success. By doing so, you limit the potential of the entire team. If you invest in your leadership, you increase the team's potential and personal benefit.

The next level player or coach needs to have the following mindsets to achieve personal and team goals:

  1. Change from doubt to faith.

  2. Change from trying to control everything around you to control yourself.

  3. Change from immediate gratification to delayed gratification.

  4. Change from needing big wins to appreciating the small victories.

  5. Change from needing external motivation to being internally motivated.

  6. Change from emotions controlling your thoughts to your thoughts controlling your feelings.

  7. Change from being overcome with fear to overcoming fear.

Who is equipping you to expand your mindset as a leader? It would help if you found a circle of support to help you develop these 7 Next Level Mindsets in the highly competitive world of soccer. Your personal goals and team depend on your leadership.

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